Holy, jeeminy

christmas it is hotter than blue blazes. Had a hydrant leaking for the last week or two and haven’t had time to dig it up and replace it. So, 3:00 p.m. this afternoon seemed like a good time. I’m too old and too fat for this, but it is fixed. Now, I found another one that isn’t working right. It can wait.

Delivered a pile of goats this weekend. Made it to Pfeiffer’s and the Circle sale at Norman. Lots of goats changed owners this weekend. Just got a few more left at my house that I need to get delivered and then I am done for a while.

The great thing about stock shows is the people. I don’t care what species of animal, there are lots of good people. It is amazing how many parents and ag teachers work to help others to find the best animals to fit a kid’s budget. It is scary how many people throw their own time and money in to help buy somebody a little better animal than what they can afford. I know Mikey and I have the same theory, if we are going to have to look at that animal for a year, we want it to be a good one. Sometimes, its worth a hundred dollars or two just to help out. Not very smart, but I have spent money on worse things than helping some kids with a good show project. All I want in return, is for those kids to put in the time and effort to feed it and show it properly. And maybe help my kids when they need help.

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