I’m a little bit pissed tonight.  I saw a t-shirt that I wanted, but NOOO!!  Sold out!  Limited supply, will be available at a later date.  What if somebody did that with dang good goats.  First of all, they would have added feed, wormer and vet costs.  Second, they have a risk of death and injury loss.  A t-shirt doesn’t die, actually some live forever. I’m currently wearing a t-shirt that has an outdated OSU logo.  It’s a high quality shirt.  Unlike most ou shirts, it didn’t come from wal-mart or a quick stop. 

  TACO CAT  Spell it backwards.   I love it.   It’s like having a letter B tattooed on both butt checks.  Moon somebody and it spells bob.  Doesn’t matter which direction, it still spells BOB.  3 letters for the price of 2.  

      Wierd evening.  First, it was beautiful outside.  Second, it was just me and the Dragon Lady at home.  Duke is in Stillwater at a state TSA contest.  Okay, think clean.  She is borderline sick (as in not feeling well), so no fun for me.  But we did sit at the dining room table together and eat meat nachos and talk like people that kind of like each other.  It was plum enjoyable.  I don’t know if I am capable of doing this two nights in a row, but it was, hhmm, nice.  

      Had calls, texts and emails wanting to know if Milligan and I were in a pissing match.  NOPE.  I look forward to the word of the day. Sometimes, I respond on here.  Sometime, I leave it alone.  And sometimes, I respond on the message board.  One thing about both of us that are HUGE in stature, we have a comment/opinion and we will stand behind it.  I don’t always agree with him and vice versa.  But when we agree, well, then that means that we are right and the rest of the world is wrong.  

     On a high note, I got home from the store, and pulled on a pair of camo shorts, socks, shoes, cap and nothing else.  For 2 hours, it was like I wrote the script for this afternoon’s weather.  It was top shelf.  

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