Hey, hey, hey

Well, one thing about any blog titled “professions”. It stirs up a little discussion. No, I am not mad at anybody… at present time. It just got me thinking of things that need fixed in my favorite profession. I don’t blame anybody for me not teaching anymore. I was burnt out. BAD! I have had numerous opportunities to go back to teaching in OK and TX, but it just doesn’t fit my family at this point. Besides, I get to deal with all of the livestock and speeches that I want to, without having to deal with any lazy bastards. I do miss dealing with the kids on a daily basis. I miss shop projects, state fair projects and CDE events.

Hey, it kind of rained this morning. Jed Castle says that it is going to rain off and on for the next three days. Let’s hope he isn’t lying to us.

If you are showing goats at the state fair or Tulsa. You better be working leg hair by now. You can’t wait till the day you shear in order to get leg hair to pop correctly.

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