Here we go!

    Yes, the weatherpeople were right.  We got about .7″ on Friday night/early Saturday morning.  Perfect.  Just enough that JQ could bury my 4 wheeler in a terrace channel on Sunday evening.  I mean buried.  Thank goodness I took the Gator to the store to get serviced.  

      What did we do on a beautiful Saturday evening?  Well, we went and watched Larry the Cable Guy in Woodward, OK.  Yes, a big star like that in Woodward.  Watch out as there just might be more big stuff happening in Woodward.  It was a wonderful evening, spent with good friends.  The atmosphere was great.  However, there is a story of somebody in the goat world ending up spending the evening with Larry.  No, it wasn’t me.  

      I have a question for all of you out there.  Shouldn’t a pork burger be REQUIRED to have bacon on it?  I’m sitting here eating a killer good pork burger that was just cooked by the Dragon Lady.  I asked where the bacon was to go on this sam-ich and you would have thought that I asked for the combination to Fort Knox. I kind of feel like the old lady in the Wendy’s commercials, except this would be “Where’s the bacon?”

      Now how about a goat burger?  I have not had one of those.  I’m going to pencil that in on my shit-to-do list.  Not a high priority item, but dang sure something I will do in the next year.  

     Tulsa is this week.  Im not really fired up, but I’m ready to go.  Here we go!