With this lovely drought, hay has become a precious commodity. I have some alfalfa left from last year and Schoovy saved some for me. Finding enough hay for the cows has been more of a chore. I have been helping several customers locate hay and in turn they are using their trucks to go get. The trucking is the hard part as it takes time and money. We have hay in Kansas, Nebraska and South Dakota. Bookstore is running two trucks to gather this hay. I have even bought a semi load of small square alfalfa bales. Not sure where I am going to put them, but I know they will be needed somewhere. It looks like we are going to have plenty of hay once we get it all back to Oklahoma. With all of the cows that have gone to sale, I feel like the cattle market is going to be good in the next couple of year. That is why we are working to get that much hay here.

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