Happy New Year

     The year 2013 is here.  Somehow, we managed to avoid the fiscal cliff.  I’m happy we avoided this clliff, mainly, so we don’t have to hear the mainstream media talk about it anymore.  It’s amazing how our media comes up with new terms and then sensationalizes it to the point that we are just numb to the crap they are talking about.  Maybe milk needs to cost $8 a gallon so that the dairy farmers can actually make some money for their long hours and days dedicated to the cows.  I hope that someday soon the general public realizes how important the U.S. agriculture sector is to providing them the cheapest, safest and best food in the world.  

     The year 2013 will signify new beginnings for some people.  To others it’s just a matter of hanging a new calendar, or scrolling on their phone to a different month.  Some will be glad that 2012 is over.  A bunch of people are making a bunch of new year’s resolutions that they won’t keep.  Why don’t they just go to church and make some resolutions that could actually pay off?  I know I need to more often.

     The year 2013 is the year of the black snake on the Chinese calendar.  That seems appropriate given who your president is.  And I don’t mean that racially.  

     I didn’t stay up long enough to see the ball drop.  I watched a marathon of pawn stars until I fell asleep on the couch.  I was awoken sometime around 10 p.m. when Kela’s house guest came barreling up onto the couch and put her shit-zu face right into mine.  Just how everybody needs to be awakend.  I don’t get too revved up about partying on New Year’s Eve.  I kind of consider it as an amateur night.  I don’t need an excuse to get wound up and I dang sure don’t need to be out and about with a bunch of amateurs getting sideways.  

     Hopefully, the year 2013 will bring normal or better levels of moisture to our part of the world.  I look forward to animals growing out, kids showing them well and then starting over again.  Kela will graduate and move into the “real” world this year.  Duke may get to redo the 6th grade this year.  

      To me, a new year is like OK State football, this year will always be better.  I can always sound pessimistic, but I am actually an optimist.  Almost all people in agriculture are optimistic.  Otherwise, why raise livestock for next year or plant crops?  All stock show people know that this is their year.  We do it because this year is going to be the one. Like a gambling addict down to their last dollar headed back into the casino.  We are going to throw the dice again.

     I know that this year is going to be fun.  One, because I always find a way to have fun.  Two, I want it to be fun.  Three, we will have some rumour babies this year.  Four, we are going to work hard to make it fun.  Five, I’m not moving this year.  Even if the Dragon Lady kicks me to the curb, I’m not moving.  I’ve got plenty of barn space.   

      Good luck to everybody, have fun, GOD bless you and may 2013 be better for you than last year.

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