Happy Holidays!

What?  July 12 isn’t a holiday.  Well hell!  It ought to be one.  I had a great day.


I listened to Christmas music in July.  Why?  It came on the iTunes shuffle and it was Mariah Carey and it sounded good and I like it and I let it play and it was the song, not the video.  You should do the same.

I had to go to OKC early this day.  For a Dr. appointment.  Not mine.  But I had to drive home.  The medical deal was top shelf.  They acted like they actually wanted to be a help.  Class act organization.

So, while sitting there, waiting, I searched some musical acts that I have been digging for a bit.  Volbeat was one of the bands that have piqued my interest.  They have had some cool tunes on the radio for the past year or three.  So, if they have had a radio song, then they probably have a good catalog that didn’t make the radio for  3-5 years.  Guess what?  These dudes are wicked!  Harmonicas, banjos and BIG, BIG guitars with vocals that you can understand and they can bring it.  I mean bring it!

I like finishing tasks.  I get a rush out of scratching the line off of a sticky note as DONE!  Earlier this year, the wind was EFFING WICKED!  It was the night that the big fires started (my problems are small, compared to others).  The backyard fence blew down.  Duke set metal posts and welded the frame.  Then we screwed individual boards to the frame.  It ain’t done, but it is really close to being done.  Brandon the Bruce asked me how it looked.  I replied, “If you are drunk or blind, then this is one good looking fence.”  Otherwise, pick a four letter word.  Haaaa!!!  Not that four letter word.

While driving home from OKC, I rolled a lot of stuff through my brain.  I like good tunes, good livestock, good fun, hard work and accomplishing goals.  Tammy and I have identical goals and none of them involve money.  I like our kids a lot.  But, she REALLY likes them!

I constantly question my involvement in the stock show game.  Personally, I would like to limp away and leave this goat game to the ass clowns and cheaters.  But, every time I have doubts, kids show me the path.  The stock show game is great.  Adults EFF it up!  As a whole, the kids get it.

Here’s to a holiday that ain’t a holiday.  If you are about improving the stock and raising kids, I cheer you.  If you are just about the wins and the dollars, I’ve got a list of words for you.  Some are four letters, while others require a finger.  Maybe one, maybe two.

Turn up the tunes!   Be thankful for what you have.  Shamrocks and horseshoes to all of you…except for a couple of ya.


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