Tammy loaded up the ’93 Chevy van with a pile of kids and headed out to take a bunch of 11-14 year olds trick or treating.  I’ve got a feeling that the van will need cleaned up after tonight.  I actually got pulled over by a Hi-Po on Saturday night.  Had a bad eye and didn’t know it.  The nice lady Hi-Po gave me a warning for a dead headlight and I turned around went home.  Tammy took the ’93 Chevy van to the optometrist today and now–20/20 vision again.  

     I never cared much for dressing up in costume and it looks like this is a genetic deal as Duke just wore his regular outfit, but had a bag of masks to take along.  I find it ironic that one of the masks is a Yoda mask.  When he was 2 or 3, Kela would put this mask on and scare the living $h!t out of him.  The great thing about a Yoda mask was back in the early 80s, Jake and I dressed up as Star Wars characters for Halloween.  Daniel was just really starting to walk good; therefore, the perfect size to be Yoda.  He didn’t know who Yoda was at that time, but he does now!  

     It is a well documented fact that I thoroughly enjoy the Star Wars movies.  There are several that use the Darth Vader music as their ring tone for me.  Chewbacca is an absolute bad donkey and R2D2 always saves the day.  Plus, how hot was Princess Leia?  Yoda is one of my favorite characters of all time.  Super intelligent, diminuitive in stature, not afraid to stand up for what he believes in,  extremely confident, understands unseen powers and a faith in an unseen “force” and dang good looking for someone that was green, bald and big eared.  My favorite Yoda quote, “Try not.  Do or do not.  There is no try.”  I love it.

     Speaking of good quotes, I saw a new one today (at least new to me).  It isn’t scripture, but it is pretty close considering who the quote is associated with and about.  “When the road looks rough ahead, remember the MAN upstairs and hope.  Hang onto both and tough it out.”  John Wayne.  

      I llike the word HOPE.  One of the best movies of all time–Shawshank Redemption–ends on that word, “I hope.”  Stop and think about the power of the word HOPE.  Almost every decision that we make has that word in it.  

Just think about our little stock show world and how the word HOPE fits in.  

Mating decisions, feeding instructions, purchases, showmanship techniques–all given with confidence but actually hoping it works.

Will this injury heal?

Did the flush work?  

Will Okie State have a good football team?  

Is this the right wether for Chesley, Duke, Lexi, Bree, Darcy, Chancery, etc.?  

Yes, Braden, I think that this is the one.  At least I hope that he is.

A common line heard from me–“I hope it works and if it doesn’t we will wish it would have.”  

Don’t ever lose hope, because hope is our driving force.  I hope that they buy this tractor.  I hope that we can place well at this show.  I hope that it rains.  I hope my team wins.  I hope this steak tastes as good as it looks.  I hope that this check clears.  I hope she isn’t pissed at me. 

Some hope is unrealistic.  

I hope that Big I chooses me as his vice presidential running mate when he chooses to run for president.  ( It will be Milligan or Ring.  I’ll have some title that you only hear about when they get fired, impeached or jailed)

I hope that our government gets straightened out. 

I hope to win the lottery.  Probably isn’t going to happen since I haven’t bought any tickets.  

I hope to win this show even though we haven’t worked with the goat or blanketed him while it has been cold and we might have skipped a feeding or two.  

Hope is having faith in something that we have very little control over.  I hope that the next song in the iTunes shuffle is AC/DC.  How you handle your hopes when they don’t come true can define a person.  Not AC/DC?  YES!! It’s George Strait, even better.  

There is a pile of kids going door to door on this fine evening.  Why?  They are hoping to get some good loot from some kind people.  They aren’t looking for letters from the lady in Fargo, ND that states “I’m not giving out candy to your child because they are borderline obese and you need to be a better parent” or something like that.  

They are hoping for high quality snack items.  I hope that Duke has Reeses’ peanut butter cups, peanut M&Ms and some really good popcorn balls.  

There are those that will say that my writings get a little all over the place.  RUSM!  We went from a ’93 Chevy van, Halloween, Star Wars, John Wayne to hope.  Well, I’m pretty sure that the original 1977 Star Wars was titled “Star Wars: A New Hope”.  So there you go.  It all ties together like a neat package of peanuts, raisins & M&Ms wrapped together in the neat little cellophane wrap by the lady down the street.  Speaking of which, they now call that recipe–Trail Mix.

I hope all of you deal with nothing but shamrocks and horseshoes.