I catch a lot of crap for buying “green” ones.  Greenies.  Gruene (I like that place).  John Deere green.  Dollars are green.  Green grass, wheat, oats, alfalfa, etc.  Basically, green is a pretty good color.  I also like watching Mike & Mike on espn.  Greenie & Golic.  Well, anyways, back to the point.  I have been known to buy a green goat or two.  When I say “green”, I mean an animal that is less than desirable in terms of overall condition.  Which means, the parts are there, but it may not be worth two squirts of goose $h!T.  Only time and a proper feed and health practice will enable a “green” one to turn out.  

     Random question/thought–How come, during the movie “The Blues Brothers”, the first time that Elwood Blues is going to throw a shrimp at Jake Blues during their Chez Paul dining experience, he has to line it up 4 or 5 times?—- eye contact, lined up, toss it, yes.  But yet, less than 2 minutes later, he BLINDLY tosses a shrimp to Jake who catches it like a labrador catching dog treats.  Throw me another.  

     Now back to that green deal.  Personally, I would rather buy a little bit green one, than a toad fat, bloomy bastard.  Now, let’s be honest.  I’ve made some money on some green ones, but I have also lost money on those “green feelings”.  Some of those green ones never sprout.  On the other hand, I’ve never made any cash on buying a bloomy turd.  They can only go backwards.  Now, I’m not saying that none of those bloomy ones ever turn out.  It’s just that you are buying them at the top of the market.  Everybody can find those bloomy dudes.  They are what they are at that point.  If they go backwards, no good.  If they hold their own, well, you can look halfway intelligent for buying it.  

      Speaking of cool.  Check out Joliet Jake’s love interest in “The Blues Brothers”.  It is none other than Carrie Fisher.  Not only did she play Princess Leia in the Star Wars movies, but she also has a killer list of writing credits to her name.  

     It’s not that I’m smarter than others when looking at skinny animals, it’s just that I’m not afraid to gamble on a thin one that is backed with good genetics.  Before you go to buying a green one, you need to factor in the environment that a green one is coming from.  If the rest of them are bloomy, probably need to be scared of that skinny turd.  Why is he skinny?  

     Then, you can deal with a breeder like me.  The goats will be healthy, but not fluffy.  My goats tend to always get better after they leave here.  Thus, the reason when Poe shows up and says “I’ll give you some hundred dollar bills for that one”, I will probably agree.   I normally ask,  “Where’s he going?”  He answers.  And I say, “Get me a picture at the end.”  And, there is normally a picture of a Woodward or OYE premium sale caliber goat.  I’m not saying that the Poe Cat is always right.  I’m just saying that if I like a green goat and Poe likes the same goat, well, it is probably going to be a damn good goat.  

      Some people WANT to only look for the great green goat.  They will normally be wrong.  Some are scared of one that is too thin.  They will spend more on the “right” one, than take a gamble and spend less on the green one.  Then there are those that are looking for & trying to buy the right one, but aren’t afraid to try the green one.  This type of buyer usually buys LOTs of a goats.  This would be the fishing net method.  Cast it and try to reel them all in.  I like to fish.  

      Time to get green.