Great Day Thursday

I have zero cool stories for the day.  Wednesday night ended a bit rough, no supper and late to bed.  I didn’t eat lunch on Wednesday either.  However, I ate a dang good big breakfast at Ed’s Cafe on hump day morning.

I woke up early (as usual), did chores, ate a piece of cantaloupe and headed to work.  The day did not improve.  I’ve got a crew of boys that are trying to build a project or two.  One of the MIG welders had crapped the bed.  I worked on it, tried to check settings, wouldn’t work.  Called AirGas.   They talked me through some tests.  Heck boys, we are just going to be short a welder for a day or so.  That slugged the whole day in the shop. It happens.  Nobody’s fault.  Not fun.  Welcome to the real world.

Dealt with 8th graders.  All 26 of them in one class.  There are 26 kids in the 8th grade class in Shattuck America.  Yep, we’ve got them all for a 2nd year in a row.  Good problem to have.  There is a crew of boys and a separate crew of girls in this class that will make us look really good or make me quit teaching.  I like this class but it’s kind of like grabbing the halter of a spirited calf.  Hold on and see which way we get pulled.  We might need a nose ring or two.

We have over 110 kids in class. Not bad for a school that plays 8 man football.  Actually, we have over 90% of the student population in grades 8-12 in ag ed class.

Athletics is always on everyone’s radar in Shattuck.  Softball, baseball, even basketball.  Oh, and they also play football.  I don’t live and breathe by sports but I like and respect it.  Nine kids in Duke’s graduating class (out of 30) are on scholarship at a juco or 4 year school playing either football, softball or baseball.  Two of our current seniors are already signed to play D1 baseball.  Both at big time baseball schools.  Let’s just say that Tammy and I are looking forward to driving to Stillwater or Lubbock to watch a baseball game or three.

Sometimes, during the day, you just have to stop what is on your personal priority list, take a breath, and ask a kid or kids, what’s going on.  They will never disappoint.  You have NO idea what is getting ready to come out of their mouths.  Often, it is funny.  Other times, they just need a place to vent.  Very rarely do they say something that is wrong, disrespectful or just plain wrong.  Kids have a lot on their minds and don’t always have a place to let loose.

Today, I was one of those kids.  I was close to blowing up over Tulsa online entries.  I was close to shorting out over a crap-the-bed welder.  I was nearing boiling point on schedules and due dates and …and….and…   Let’s just leave it that I was close to going all Kelln on something or somebody.   But, I didn’t.  Instead, I let the kids take over.  And I was not disappointed.  Somehow, the day went from sour to better to oh, heck yeah!

We don’t have freezer space at the house.  We only have 3 freezers but they are all full.  BUT….BUT…. JQ Kelln had a couple of BEEVES killed, hung, cut and wrapped.  ( I always liked how the old timers said it.)  I’ll empty a dang freezer to make room for beef from dad.  That dude pays attention, picks out the top steers each year and then feeds the heck out of them.  Healthy grandkids come from healthy beef.  Yes sir!  Thank you and Friday night will be the grilling of the first ribeye steaks.  Why?  Duke will be home for the first time.  Momma will feed her baby well.

The manager of AirGas called back and made a personal trip to Shattuck to check the welder.  He brought parts and was able to fix it.  He looked around the shop, realized how damn many $s worth of equipment that we have bought from them.  And checked out projects.  Send me that repair bill because I am in the mood to pay for it.

A kid that is not a stellar shop hand finished an assignment.  Great kid but not mechanically inclined.  He finished his first actual project.  Not perfect but dang sure good enough.  He was pumped, the other kids were surrounding him to check his welds and congratulate him.  It was a cool moment.

And then I had a haircut appointment at 4.  I don’t look any better but I feel damn good.  I wish I knew if wethers felt good or just naked after we shear them.  Doe kids feel good after getting a trim.

Goat chores done.  Checked cows.  An old-school kool-aid, “Oh yeah!”  (Yes, you old turds can hear it–OH YEAH!)   Some of them are starting to bag down.  I need to CIDr some does and get ready to breed a few.  Bucks are on the feeder pounding that Special K ration.  And they stink to high heaven. That’s a good thing.  Stinky bucks are fertile bucks.

Today wasn’t a fun day.  Don’t know exactly how it all works.  I don’t even question it.  Today was a shit day but it was better than yesterday.  And I am ending it in a good mood.  There were trials, tests and things that made me want to kick the crap out of the nearest trash can.  But somehow, the sun set on this day, and I would have to say it ended up being an absolutely stellar day on the calendar.

I hope your day was good and tomorrow will be even better.  Cheers!


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