Great Americans

So, we had a sale last night. I took ten goats that were nine weeks old and had been weaned 10 days in 100+ temps. In other words, great genetics but GREEN. Part of me wanted to call Tyke and say “I will be there and help but my goats aren’t ready to sell.” The other part said, “I told you I would bring goats to your sale, so I will be there.” How did the sale go?

1–It was in Shattuck, OK. 2–It was on a Tuesday night. 3–It was a 193 degrees. (Go look at the bank clock it you don’t believe me.) This sale should have been as screwed up as a pile of coat hangers. But it WASN’T!

The crew had their ducks in a row. Tyke sweated like a…well, you pick your analogy of somebody of ill repute in a church. Troy Gosney, son of a Great American, handled the auctioneering. He needs to do more sales. I enjoyed the fact that he had recently talked to our friend Tonto Gonzalez. Some people also know Tonto as Bubba. There was even a celebrity taking bids. Kenny Rogers, the gambler himself, was there working the crowd, beard and all. I don’t know if you all know this, but he also works as Santa Claus at Kay County area Wal-Marts. He even has been known to raise a good yorkshire gilt. And yes, he knows when to fold ’em.

When the heat waves cleared, I realized that good goats went to good feeders. If you haven’t won OYE or Tulsa, and you show in Oklahoma (does or wethers) and you didn’t come to this sale,….well, you screwed up, backwards or just plain wrong. There will be pictures of winners from this sale for next year. This was a helluva good sale.

I was looking at my goats that will be in the Duke’s Up online sale and I thought dang (Okay, so you that know me realize that I did NOT think “dang”); however, I noticed that a particular goat has big ears. This made me think of Sonny Wagoner at Freedom, OK. Great American. Sonny is one of the original good goat breeders in Oklahoma. He has always said that it can’t be a good goat unless it has big ears. I don’t know his rationale, but we have won Woodward, Enid, State Fair and a reserve grand at Tulsa with goats from him and they all had big ears.

Great Americans. In my opinion, a great American is one who wants the best for their own, but also truly wants to see others succeed; is not afraid to work for their themselves as well as others; will provide assistance when not asked and, does not seek recognition for assistance provided; but will help any cause, any place, any time: especially when kids are involved. All that is needed is “Thank You”. .

If you have a lot of time and an ice chest, I can expound on this topic. I have a pile of stories regarding , Katherine Urban, Mitch Ketts, Sydney Yost, Ron Bouziden and Monte Sharp. Really, you just need to think of your local people, and then go thank them. Great Americans. Every place has them.

I got a phone call this evening regarding a rumour/truth about a world recording sellling doe kid. (Did anybody call Guiness?) I then got a call from Big I, whom called me to ask my opinion. I am always in a better mood when I talk to Big I. He and I agreed that if somebody wantst to spend a pile of money and didn’t have to mortgage their kid’s future…then who cares. It isn’t any worse than buying a boat or sending your kid to ball camp. It’s your money, do with it what you want. Gotta spend money to make money. Hopefully, this doe raises a buck that I will need.

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