Good vs. Bad Day?

     I’m still not sure.  But I can list you the lowlights real quick.  Here’s the bad.

–WIND!    Jeeminy, holy, pick a lot of 4 letter words.  This crap is unreal.  I’m 43 years old and have lived in NW OK, SW KS and the TX panhandle all of my life (except for 4 GLORIOUS YEARS living in Stillwater, OK) and I have not experienced the absolutely BRUTAL, RELENTLESS, SHITTY wind that we are getting hit with.  Throw in a 5 year drought and F#K%?  It may not be the dirty thirties but it is damn sure a Filthy ’14 thus far.

–JOB  I know, I know.  A job makes everybody’s bad list.  I have a really good job that involves a really good crew of employees.  The drought is taking its effect in terms of business and morale, but I have no complaints with employees.  But, there is a level of retardation that has me checking my teacher certifications to see if I am licensed to teach special ed.  Wheww?!

–K9–She only had one.  

–Got word that Tammy’s dad was having a medical deal that needed attention.  Prayers for Grand-Dad that everything is good to go.  

–Troy B is just now getting the State Honorary FFA Degree.  RUSM?  



—It’s one day closer to a rain and less wind.  It HAS to be!

—Nope, I’m not licensed to teach special ed.  So, therefore, any actions or things out of my mouth that results from my dealing with a lack of intelligience can’t be held against me.  Unless of course, it is a crime or breaks a 10 commandment.  Then, there will be repurcussions.  I like my chances vs. the current legal system instead of facing the dude that wrote on rock tablets. 

—K9 only had one kid today.  But, it was a BUCK kid sired by Rainman.  Got 14 pens in the kidding barn.  Got 14 does with babies in the kidding barn.  

—Things are stable with Darrell and hopefully the worst word that we hear tomorrow is “stint”.  

—Crazy Train.  I like that song.  Good name.  

—Troy B recieved the State Honorary FFA Degree tonight.  It’s about damn time.  Troy Baumgardner does more than most ag teachers in terms of helping kids.  If you don’t know him, then you should.  He buys animals for kids.  When I say “buys”, I mean he uses his connections to find the best animal possible and then, if need be, uses some of his own change to buy the “right” one.  He gives feeding & showmanship instructions.  He judges speech contests.  He hauls/provides animals for judging contests.  He helps at local, county, district and state shows.  He does look better wearing a cap.  Yes, Troy has his flaws, but he isn’t afraid to help people and that is what makes the 4-H and FFA programs great.  I have a good story of the night that ESP Special K feed came to life.  But, now,is not the time.  

       Personally, I can call Troy B an enabler (Well hell, I don’t know why we couldn’t make a feed like that.  Let’s call Bruce.), competitor, famliy friend, somebody I like to stand next to cause I feel tall, accomplice (don’t ask, but yes, there is a story) and most importantly, a friend.  

      I’ve also got a story of Troy B and I standing outside a really nasty hog pen on a 104 degree Labor Day in KS.  Our buddy Tom Lamle was inside a lean-to with filthy hogs, trying to flip a rock and find a great one.  Lamle yells out, “Hell boys, I spied one.  Oh shit, they’ve got me down!”  A little while later, we had the hogs sorted.  Troy B hosed Lamle and a pair of barrows down before we loaded them into the pickup.  We did let Tom get inside the pickup. We thought the hogs were crosses.  Once the dirt & grime was washed off, Duke had a york barrow for Phoenix.  And he was champion york and grand barrow at Phoenix.  

      Let me tell you how to judge a guy like Troy B.  And this is just like I want to be judged. (Schneberger, Kenneth Helms, Pfeiffer, Glen Martin, Bill Taylor, etc. this includes you clowns too)  Judge a guy by his daughter(s).   Troy B has a super successful pair of daughters.  And in all fairness, momma might have had something to do with that–on all accounts.  I’m not against judging a guy by his wife, either.  When, a low-rent guy can marry-up, raise really good kids, not get divorced and still have fun chasing animals; hunh, sounds like a heckuva deal.  

      Looking back 20 some years, I’m not so sure that Tammy wasn’t just trying to flip rocks and find a great one.  She probably should have kept flipping rocks.  

Oohh!  OOhh!! The big news from my girl in cali.  They are getting the original Star Wars cast together for the next flick.  Oh Happy Day!  I’m pretty sure that we need to pick a date that needs to be a National Kelln Holiday.  Of course, it will involve Star Wars, good music, Law & Order, good animals, good people, some great stories, fishing, no wind, etc.  Yes, we would all need to wear a kilt, maybe a t-shirt or maybe….and yes, there would be beverages.  Lots of UnSweet tea.  That would be a good day!

       Here’s to hoping that all of you had a day that wasn’t perfect, but got better. And like Okie State football, it will always be better tomorrow.  And if it doesn’t, we will wish it would have.  

      And sometimes, you look down at the keyboard and wish that you wouldn’t have been eating Cheetos while writing this crap.