Good Stuff–moisture

     First of all, I would like to acknowledge to a higher power that a lot of prayers for moisture have been answered.  It has been a perfect snow–wet, no wind, plentiful and not butt-ass cold. It’s warm enough-30 degrees- that Duke and I had trouble sledding and all we did with the gator was cut ruts.  But, the snow balls pack real GOOD.  It’s just too bad that I can’t throw worth a dang.  Tomorrow morning will be good for sliding around. This snow will melt right into the ground.  Some people were smarter than others and put fertilizer down this past week.  Dad’s wheat already looked good considering the circumstances.  It will really blow & go now.  Some, like myself, were sick of spending money.  

     This should help a lot of people’s allergies and might even help stop some other illnesses that have been going around.  Goats don’t normally like to be wet, but my does don’t seem to mind this snow at all.  They could have been in the barn, dry; but nope, they have been grazing and hitting the alfalfa bale like it is a pile of coke on Tony Montana’s desk in Scarface.  You know that the moisture is welcome when something as dumb as a doe goat is welcome for it!  Although, I bet something has the $h!t$ in the next couple of days.

     Let us hope and pray that this snow put enough moisture into the atmosphere to prime the pump and continue to bring moisture on a more regular basis than what we have seen the past couple of years.  At least there is a chance now.  Thank you.

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