Good morning

     Not quite as cold this morning, but the wind is out of the south.  The wind is moving a lot of tumble weeds from one side of the fence row to the other.  I’m glad I don’t have any babies at the house right now.  

     Kela is dog sitting for a friend of hers.  We have some kind of dang walking dust mop living with us.  I think it is a shit-zu (spelling?).  This is an ill-made beast as it is splay-footed, narrow based, low at the point of its shoulder, too long in its spine and monkey jawed.  She is a structural wreck, but that is how they are supposed to look.  Just beautiful.  Sasha, the resident corgi, knows their is another dog on the place and doesn’t like it at all.  

     Off to the real world.  Have a good morning and good day.

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