Goat Piss

The urine of a goat can change the color of hair extremely quick and permanently.  Some does squat so much that they pee on their back legs.  Bucks of course piss all over the place, all the time.  Wethers, on the other hand, only pee on themselves when somebody puts a blanket on wrong.  This is why I DO NOT use those tube socks.  They only have a small pee hole and it gets shifted around where it covers the sheath, then the piss runs down the inside of it and down their back legs causing them to be stained a horrible yellowish/orange color that won’t come out.  Some of the blankets are ill-designed and have the belly strap that can run right across the sheath.  If you don’t catch it in a day or maybe two, then the legs will be permanently stained.

     Check daily to make sure a blanket isn’t covering the sheath.  These things can shift from a goat’s daily movements and cause problems.  This is why Brooke Taylor’s blankets are the best.  They are well made, designed for show goats, have removable fleece liners, easy to use strap clips and the straps are where they are supposed to be.  No piss stains.

     However, your offspring may decide to dig an old blanket out that was left here by somebody else, put it on underneath a Brooke blanket and get the strap right on top of the sheath.  Luckily, we caught it this morning.  Which means, sometimes you have to wash wether legs before 6 am.  No yelling.  No threats. Just a father and son trying to fix a problem before it becomes permanent.  Sometimes, cold hands are a better reminder of how to do things right.

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