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It is coming up on the fungus time of year for goats. How do you prevent it or cure it? It is way easier to prevent than it is to cure it.

1–Disinfect and wash all blankets, tubes, socks, etc. from last year. Or just buy new ones.

2–Disinfect all clippers, blades, etc. between goats. You can buy anti-fungal clipper dip.

3–We feed STOP! from oxygen 10 days before show date and 2 weeks after. If you feed any longer, it loses effectiveness. It won’t stop everything, but it does help and it is fairly cheap.

4–Washing and shearing removes the natural oils from the skin of an animal. The oil is the natural barrier against invaders such as fungus, ringworm, staph, etc. There MUST be some type of oil applied bag to the skin and hair. We use recondition from Jobe’s or Recharge from Supreme Show Supply.

5–On show day, I like to brush baby powder into the hair. This provides a barrier betwen the judge’s hand and the slick shorn skin of a wether. It also freshens the handle of a goat. A judge is the #1 agent of contamination as they handle every goat.

6–We keep hand sanitizer at our stalls. Before anybody is allowed to handle a goat, they better clean their hands.

7–Never stall with or near sheep. Or in stalls that have been used by sheep.

8–Always use clean bedding at shows. Don’t move into a pre-used stall.

9–If your animal has fungus, ringworm or staph infection, STAY HOME! That is how it gets spread.

10–If you are going to a non-terminal show, and have room within withdrawal time–give an anti-biotic shot before shearing.

11-As soon as we are done showing at a show, we spray each wether with a chlorhexaderm mix. This disinfects the goat. Let it sit for 10 minutes. Then rinse, dry and spray with Recharge.

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