Fridge Requirements

      Breakfast for supper.  That’s what we had on this fine evening.  Peppered bacon, blue & gold sausage, pancakes & scrambled eggs.  I’m all in.  AM or PM.  Like a well kicked field goal–It’s Good.  

      The Dragon Lady, Duke and I got into a discussion during dinnner involving items that are REQUIRED to be in my fridge.  

6–Milk–that isn’t out-of-date.  For that at least once a month moment when I HAVE to have a pan of cocoa puffs.  I’d eat them everyday if my lactose-intolerant gut could take it.  

5–Mustard–Even though I prefer Griffin’s (Made In Oklahoma),  I am fine with French’s.  

4–Tobasco–This is in the #4 slot, but I will not ever be very far from a container of Tobasco.  The only reason that it is #4 is that Tobasco CAN’T improve #3, 2 or 1.  

3–Iced Tea–It would be #2, but I can get it from places other than my fridge.  Maybe should be #2, as there are very few days that I don’t have at least one glass of iced tea.  Unsweetened.  

2–Best Maid hamburger sliced pickles–off brand, but I eat them every day that I am home.  I will eat some other pickles, but when I do, I’m thinking about these.  I know, it’s kind of wrong.  

1–Orange Juice–1, Uno, Eins, ONE morning since 1991 that I have not had an orange juice to get me going.  The host had NONE.  The nearest quick stop–NONE.  So, I just got pissed and headed down the interstate.  I have few regrets.  But I wish that I would have stopped and found some OJ. 


      Change the subject, kind of.  Joe Dirt is being put on ice–for a month.  I took him to a piece of paradise near Mutual, OK 10 days ago. Nothing was in heat for a few days.  Then, HOLY COW!!  Somebody saw more LIVE ACTION than the Kentucky turtle man.  I don’t know the actual #s of marked does, but according to my buddy, Brucey, it’s in the thirties.  It was enough that Brandon and Tesha loaded Dirt & his well-used nuts up and brought him home.  I guess we will have some Feb. born kids in 2015.  

      Now, some of you readers may think “They won’t all settle.”  How dare you?  When Dirt gets dirty, he seals the deal.  Best that I have ever been around–bull, boar, ram or buck.  He doesn’t waste effort marking his legs or fighting the fence.  He doesn’t get all monogamous and fall in love.  He likes them all once, as they are ready (Kelln’s are true gentlemen) , and then, with a wink and a a tail wag, he simply nods, “NEXT”.

      I’m not saying that Joe Dirt is the best buck out there.  But this dude has a track record of winning wethers and does.  His daughters are proven.  He’s way good, way proven and dang it, we like him.  He brings a lot of positive traits to the table.  Consistency, soundness, above avg. growth, and reproductive abilities. They put #s to these traits in the cattle and swine world.  If the goat industry had a similar system, well, the fridge requirements to handle him would be large.   He’d be like orange juice.  It HAS to be there.  

      I know, you didn’t see the icebox requirement list tying to some old goat.  It wasn’t even a stretch.  Have a good one.  Have a better tomorrow.  

PS–  I apologize, but I after I wrote this, I cllicked on the message board.  Milligan had some post about 3 wishes.  Check it out.  Way worth the read and add to it.  

       Horseshoes & shamrocks!