I’m really not that excited that it is Friday as I have to work on Saturday.  But there is something exciting about Fridays.  I have put off doing any shopping what-so-ever and today is the deadline.  I have to do something today.  I hope people want stuff from Western Equipment or ACE hardware because I am NOT going into that damn wal-mart.  I’d rather be kicked in the crotch than to go to wal-mart at this time of year.  Luckily, for most people that are in my family, Tammy handles most (read 98%) of the gift shopping.  

     I should have had an auction to sell does as I have had a lot of calls wanting to know how many and how much.  Well, I had a guy call me shortly after posting the blog on Wednesday.  He spoke for 13 of them.  Good proven does and some of them are most likely bred.  They should work well for him.  Price wise, he didn’t get hurt.

     I took the does to Hennessey on Thursday to meet up with the buyer.  I had never met Charlie Martin before.  That is possibly the best thing about the livestock business is getting to meet new people.  Nice guy.  I enjoyed talking goats with him, even though it was a bit nippy and the truck drivers in the truck stop parking lot wanted us to move.  Even though I parted with some proven does, I was in a good mood Thursday night.  Duke thinks I need to sell down to about 10.  I really couldn’t argue with him.

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