I’ve been looking for this Friday for awhile. I can stay home tomorrow. The weather is good. Duke and I might have to try out a coyote call and maybe a new gun or two. Wethers are going to get worked hard. Hooves, leg hair, weigh, showmanship, etc. Does and babies will get moved outside.

Just got done looking at the Denver show results and pics. Denver has done a really good job of neutering their goat show. Not many big names attended. I have gone and watched the past two years, and I did not enjoy it either time. I didn’t like how the NWSS show officials acted towards the showmen and I didn’t like how either judge lined the show up. Politics both time that I watched. And I didn’t have one showing. Completely impartial opinion. None of the goats this year took a very good picture. That happens sometimes. Anyways, a win is a win. Congrats to the exhibitors and breeders.

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