Friday the 13th

     Superstitious.  Am I?  In a wierd way.  I do some things in repitition because it worked once.  I will avoid other things because it worked once before.  Does the #13 scare me?  Nope.  And dang sure not on a Friday.  I’ve got some really good memories from happenings on Friday the 13th.  I actually like the #.  I may be jinxed in some regards, but it isn’t because of some wierd crap or a number.  

     I’ve been looking for this Friday for awhile.  And the 13th has nothing to do with it.  I just needed some time without email, texts, mutliple phone lines, etc.  A smooth glass of reserve.  A HOT bath that burned when I got in and left me numb.  It helps the joints feel better.  How wore out am I?  There is literally a White Trash Pasture Party taking place 2 1/2 miles from my piece of paradise.  Beer, music, mud runs, races and numerous other highly intellectual happenings are happening within walking distance.  Sounds like a Kelln kind of deal.  But I’m NOT there.  Why?  I need some space.  This event will take place until Sunday.  Which means that I will probably try to hide the does in case some screwed-up individual comes looking for a companion.    

     The only thing better than Friday the 13th is Saturday the 14th.  I’ve got stuff to do tomorrow and then look at goats on Sunday.