Friday Nights

     The first scary thing on this Friday night is the fact that I posted a pic on facebook for the 2nd night in a row.  My dad took a pic of his tv screen that had Kela’s name listed in the credits of “The Amazing Race”.  I guess this deal is for real.  She isn’t just hanging it out in Cali.  She actually has a job.  Excuse me while I spark up “Sweet Child O’ MIne” on the iPod.  The ironic part–on this night, that we get to see her name in credits for an LA produced show, she is in Oklahoma.  She flew in today for a wedding in Yukon tomorrow.  Duke and the Dragon Lady are there now.  Me?  Well, I’m the dumb-donkey of the family, so I’m going to clean some crap up at the school and deal with these beasts that I own.  I’m a retard. 

      The 2nd scary part is the # of texts, phone calls and messages wanting me to expound on last nights blog.  Judges just need to judge.  Leave the politics to Washington D.C..  Those dumb bastards obviously know what they are doing.  

      For those of you that like watching some cool video, watch this stuff.

The design and engineering of this beast is unreal. To make something like this today would take years.  Unless, the military needed it and it would take months and trillions of dollars. But GOD did it, like, maybe on the 5th day.  An Osprey. That deal is wicked.  Check out the talons, the way it holds its wings depending on the entry, the wing lift, the vision.   I’m always amazed by the functionality of nature.  

      I’m also always amazed by the retardation of humans and judges when dealing with livestock.  I’ve been talking to quite a few hog breeders lately.  They have all been pullling pigs, doing C sections, getting litters of twins and triplets.  In other words, they have let the judges take out the reproductive factor in these hogs.  The judges want them bigger boned, squarer hipped, wider based, wider skulled, bigger footed.  Get ready to see a correction in the marketplace.  We saw it in cattle several years ago.            And now, we are at the forefront of it happening in the goat industry.  If, and I use the term IF loosely, if we are smart, we would moderate RIGHT NOW!  We’ve already made goats heavier boned, heavier muscled and wider based than anybody ever thought possible.  We already have a problem with a limited gene pool.  Right now is the time for judges to moderate in terms of muscle, bone and base width.  In other words, just use good ones.  Not extreme ones.  It is harder to make a cool looking, well balanced, structurally correct animal that has proper muscularity than it is to make some wide based, heavy muscled deal.  

      I’m going to try to do the impossible.  I’m going to try to sleep until 7 AM tomorrow morning.  I haven’t done it in years, but I am wore out and need some sleep.  

Here’s to all of you!  Cheers!  Horseshoes and shamrocks.  May tomorrow be better than today.  

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