Friday night

       We aren’t far from Saturday morning as we hit the keyboard.  I don’t have a great story for you all tonight, but let’s see what tomorrow brings.  

     I did watch the opening ceremonies tonight.  One can never under-estimate the power of Russia.  That country is so big, so diverse and so scary at anything it wants to do, that we shouldn’t forget about them.  

     I know that there are all kinds of stories about Sochi and their failings to be ready for the Olympics, but watch, Sochi will come out of this deal very well in the long run.  Some people just get stuff done.  Google “most powerful person” .  Forbes lists Putin as #1.  Yes, that is Forbes Magazine, lists Vladimir Putin as the most powerful person in the WORLD.  Your president is down to #2 (I find that appropriate as I have always thought of him & his regime as a #2 kind of deal).  The new Pope debuted at #4.  Give Pope Francis time, and he will be #1.  And we need to remember, that none of us can EVER be #1.  There is a higher power.