Friday Night

     I wanted to go to Pfeiffer’s sale tonight, but there were too many obstacles to trip over and be there on time.  So, our crew had a new bidder standing in.  Hopefully, he did well.  We’ll see.

     It’s homecoming at Shattuck on this fine evening.  I’m out.  Duke was way in.  I did make him take his sunglasses off before he left.  You can only wear so much retarded stuff on any one evening.  I’ve showed him a couple of my best dance moves, but I learned them from a couple of John Travolta movies and the Village People.  Soooo, he will probably be more of a stumbler than a dancer.  Then again, judging from his homework, he will be a shuffler. 

     I’m watching/listening to the Cardinals play a little baseball against the Dodgers on this fine evening.  Cards/Sox world series fits my schedule. I like watching those teams.  I don’t have a vested interest in either team.  I just like the organizations, their ballparks and the way they play.   OSU sports, I like, but normally they just put me in a foul mood.  I’m better off “watching” those clowns on the radio.  Notre Dame is the only other team that I give a care about.  I don’t live and die with them.  But, I like them and would like to go watch a game  in that stadium.