Friday Lottery

I am really pleased where all of my doe kids are ending up after the sale. Three stayed in Oklahoma, one to Arkansas and one to Texas. The sixth one will go to a lucky individual. The winner of today’s Kelln doe kid lottery (tag 1224) is—-Big I. Congrats!!

Lots of wheat is being rolled up into round bales in this part of the world. Some of it was hail damaged. A lot of them are trying to rebuild hay stock piles after depleting their cow hay the past two years. Some are doing it because they have too much rye mixed with their wheat. No matter the case, it’s been good for business.

It is really green around here. It is nice not having to put hay out. The only ones that I am feeding alfalfa to are does nursing kids. Everything else has plenty of green to chase. A person doesn’t have to go very far west to see that the drought is still in progess. The Texas and OK panhandles are still extremely dry. They need several good rains just to get started.

I’ve had several calls wanting to know when our next sale is. I can solidly answer–I don’t know. There is a set of March 1 babies that are just being weaned that we will sell sometime in June. Just don’t know when. I also have a set of mid-April babies on the ground that may be ready by late June. Not sure if I will online everything or not. It looks like there will be a wheat harvest this year, so I might be busy and just sell everything privately.

We will have the Best of the West sale on Labor Day in Woodward, OK. This sale will consist of Kelln, GT, Helms, Shafer and Morriss. It will be a really good set of does and wethers.

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