Friday evening

     Survived the Big Willy sale.  Thanks to all of the buyers and bidders on this sale.  These goats are getting really good new homes.  WIlly is going to the Ok/Tx panhandle.  Our crew will be showing some willy good goats out of Willy next year.  The bred does all went to good homes.  

     I saw some interesting stuff at the Perry Livestock Auction on Thursday evening.  Like the Lamancha buck kid that was tied around the neck on a very short, tight leash into the passenger side front corner of a 89 ford pickup, right next to the crate full of chickens covered with a blue tarp.  I helped one of the sale barn employees get the goat out as the driver of this rig couldn’t get out of the pickup.  The sale barn guy worked to untie the knot around the neck of the buckling while I held the goat still.  He got the knot undone, then looked at me and said, “I don’t want this thing to get loose in the parking lot.  I said, “I’ve got him by the tail if you grab him by the ears.”  He looked at me like WTF?  If you know your dairy goat breeds, then you will find the humour.  (Lamancha’s don’t have ears.)  We got him unloaded.

     I bought a doe kid online a week or so ago from Gallagher’s.  I got her home to Fargo today.  Let’s just say that I am rather pleased with the looks of this purchase.  

     It has been a cold, drizzly wet without rain kind of day in this part of the world.  Wethers are blanketed, doe kids have a snotty nose or two.  I think summer is over.