Maybe my memory is a little bit foggy, but I don’t ever remember it being this foggy, this often like it has for the past month here in Oklahoma.  It seems like several days of the week have been foggy.  We’re talking less than 1/4 mile visibility, on a regular basis. Maybe, all of this moisture in the air will eventually jumpstart a rain for this part of paradise.  Maybe, just maybe.  

      Recently, a barrell of oil has gotten cheap.  It is nice to pay around $2 for a gallon of gas, but $60/barrel is not good for the economy.  $80 to $90 oil keeps things going without fuel prices getting too stupid. 

     Your government still can’t get stuff done.  The section 179 tax law should have been renewed back in 2013.  Now, at the end of 2014, they are still trying to decide what to do. I wouldn’t hold my breath on those clowns getting it passed anytime soon.  Congress=big floppy shoes & red noses.  Then, there is your president.  

       Speaking of problems, how come there is always that liquid stuff that comes out of a mustard bottle.  It doesn’t matter what brand of mustard or if you used the mustard just yesterday; you can shake the bottle, then squirt some yellow gold, but nope, there is always that dab of liquid that comes out first.  It just bothers me.  

       Talked to Tyke this afternoon while I was driving home from OKC.  I called to see if he was picking Dirt up today.  NOPE!  Turns out there was a dog attack south of Shattuck this morning.  He lost 5 does and had several more injured.  They shot one dog, but didn’t get the second one.  We had a bad pit-bull attack back in 2007 and lost a pile of does, plus abortions.  It isn’t fun.  We don’t have dogs that visit around here.  I’m miles from any neighbors with a dog, so if some canine shows up here, he’s up to no good.  They have a phrase for that kind that shows up here–dead.  I love a good dog, but despise a bad one.  I hope Tyke finds the other culprit.  Once a dog gets a taste, they almost always come back for more.  Raising goats are kind of like dating a hooker–you need all the protection that you can get.  Protection from weather, parasites and predators.  Kind of one in the same.  

      Time for me to walk away from the keyboard.  Have a good night and an excellent weekend.