I’m finally finished with Tulsa.  Tyke and I went back Saturday afternoon.  We each sold a pair of does in the Best of Both Worlds sale.  Then, I got up this morning and got Tori’s does ready.  She won division one with a Rainman. 

     My schedule is screwed up the next couple of weeks.  Therefore, I don’t have time to do the Duke’s Up sale, so it will basically be a private treaty deal.  Duke is keeping three wethers and the others are for sale.  There are a couple of 191/100 Helms wethers that are way good.  There is a Sanders goat that is a bonafide div. 1 contender.  Those won’t be cheap goats.  They are good.  

     At Seelke’s there is a couple of Fade2Black wethers that have a chance of being dang good.  Tag 1249 is a blackheaded Fade2Black wether out of a 191 doe.  He has got a monster ass, big rack, posts for bone, paper thin hide and tracks out wide.  The first $1,500 will own him.  He is an end of June wether that is growing good.  I don’t have time to be buying any more goats, but he needs fed.  There are several other wethers there ranging from $300 to $800.  Don’t ask about the bottle baby doe kid.  She is a Fade2Black on a Smokin’ Hot Ruger daughter.  She is cool and I don’t think you can talk Jodi out of her.  Give Jodi a call about the wethers  580-541-1911.


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