I’ve been waiting on a doe to kid.  She lived with Rumour for a couple of weeks last fall.  I knew when I put her in with him and when I took her out, she was obviously bred but I didn’t ever know exactly what day she was due.  Finally, she kidded.  This excites me.  Especially, since she had twin bucks.  

     Finally, I made a decision.  We are leaving the nuts in the Joe Dirt x Rainman kid.  We “kelly” clipped him yesterday to get a good look at him.  I was pleased.  Real pleased.  He will be for sale.  

     Tyke, Tyler, Bill and I then decided to catch Joe Dirt and “kelly” clip him.  We knocked all of that old hair of his top line, neck, chest and belly.  The blades on those clippers can now be used for breakfast as they are toast.  Dirt doesn’t like to eat when it is breeding season, which means that he gets to looking like crap.  He is finally fattening up.  He looks like a heavily used 3 year old buck.  But he acts like he feels better without all of that old nasty buck hair.  As long as he is healthy and siring dang good kids, it doesn’t matter what he looks like at this time.  We did leave his beard.  

     I finally made it down south to pick up some online wether purchases.  They look good.  I also picked up a few extras and delivered to their knew owners.  Brought a real nice doe kid to my house to catch a ride to her new home in Ohio.  Had a fun time looking at and discussing goats on Saturday night with the yankees.  

     I have finally made the decision to slow down when driving through Menard county.  The last 3 times that I have been pulled over in Texas has been in Menard county.  Once by a Menard city patrol, once by a Texas hi po and on Saturday by a Menard county sheriff.  No ticket from the hi-po, but big tickets from the two Menard county employees.  This sheriff was polite and stood and joked with me for several minutes, therefore giving me false hope.  Gambill thought I was going to get a warning.  Something about 80 plus mph didn’t help my cause.  Yep, I get to make a donation to that county coffer.