Fiesta & Fighters of Foo

     There is a Friday Night Fiesta going on in San Angelo. Sounds like lots of $s changing hands.  Good.  It’s good for the industry.  I was going, but then it was like, “You dumb son-of-a–, WHY?”  Sometimes, you just have to step back, and realize, there is enough going on at home.  STAY HOME!  

       And I did. But the Dragon Lady left for the evening.  Just Duke and I at home. Ungh!?  She left for a GR8T reason.  One of my all-time favorite people is flying into OKC on this Friday evening. The Dragon Lady GLADLY volunteered to pick this person up and head home to paradise.  Can’t wait!  

       It’s no secret that I like music.  I really like good music. Although I love George, Willie, Waylon, Merle, Alabama, the Oaks, Garth, etc., when it is time for me to get right in the head, I prefer it LOUD!!!   If it’s too loud, then you’re too old!   I grew up in the music video age–Madonna, Michael Jackson, the BOSS, Wierd Al, Van Halen, etc.  I still love a good music video even though they are few and far between.   My college years is when music started to change.  Hair bands were done, grunge took over and country learned about videos.  

The biggest band in 1991 was Nirvana.  HUGE!   Too big.  I lliked them, got sick of “Smells like Teen Spirit”.  But they had talent. Then the lead singer bites the end of a 12 gauge and that was the end of that band.  But, the Foo Fighters emerged.  The frontman and lead guitarist for the Foo Fighters was Dave Grohl.  He had been the drummer of Nirvana.  WTH?  How does the drummer front a band and shred guitars and now starts directing the music videos for the band?  The guy is wicked good and wicked cool.  Dave Letterman’s favorite band is, as he calls them, “The Fighters of Foo”.  I haven’t seen them live, but it is in on my short list.  

        I like quotes, so here is my favorite Dave Grohl quote.  

“I never took lessons to learn how to play the drums, and I never took lessons to learn how to play the guitar, I just sort of figured it out.  I think that if you are passionate about something and if you are driven and focused, that you can pretty much do anything you want to do in life.”  

      I love it!  It doesn’t make a rat’s donkey if it is music, sports or showing.  If you REALLY want to do it, you will figure it out.  Try it, mess up, try it again, ask somebody for help, screw it up again and then you realize that nobody ever got better without trying.  And once you try to DO it right, O S, it works.  Now, you can do it better.  Don’t stop.  Do it again.  Next thing you know, you are an expert because you screwed up several times, then did it right a whole bunch of times.  But you did it and didn’t quit till you figured it out. 

       I had to learn this goat deal on my own.  And now, I’m relying on others to help stay current–Flush, Sync, etc.  It’s a good circle and I like to have some tunes playing while trying to figure stuff out.  Spark up some Foo Fighters tunes and rock out with your—–

Play some good music, chill out, get fired up or whatever knocks your socks off.  Just do whatever it is that you want to do better than you’ve ever done it before.  

Right now–I am realizing that I am the best in the world at knocking one back while writing a blog listening to the “theme from Rocky” on an evening that I actually used a lawn mower and the Dragon Lady is not home.  YES!! I am a WORLD CHAMPION!!  Yes, it is an obscure award.  But a win is a win.