Feed Bill & Blankets

The feed bill went up at Kelln Livestock last night. Duke now has his three Phoenix barrows. Not only does hog feed cost more, but they eat and waste a lot more. Plus the cost of wood pellets and wood chips later on. And scooping crap. I’m glad he likes his pigs. Of course, you don’t have to blanket a pig.

I don’t care what species of animals my kids show as long as they have a project and are developing work ethic and meeting people. We’ve been know to show chickens, pigs and goats. I would love to show a steer or two. Kela didn’t want to and Duke isn’t old enough.

If you are needing blankets, then you need to go to the following link. They are a canvas blanket that has a romovable lining inside attached with velcro that allows layers to be added when needed. They also have a belly strap that uses life jacket buckles. Way better deal.

Very well made blankets that are very versatile.

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