Drink–Orange Juice (I have orange juice EVERYDAY)  

Music–both kinds—good and loud

Song–Amazing Grace 

Baseball player–Kirby Puckett

Football player–Barry Sanders

Basketball player–RUSM!  I’m 5’9″ and white, like a give a rat’s ass about that sport.  Although, I watched a LOT of girl’s 6 on 6 basketball back in the late eighties.  It paid off.  Yep, I married the hot one with….attitude that was/is meaner than a cat w/ turpentine on it’s ass.  


Good movie–Shawshank Redemption or several w/ John Wayne or Clint Eastwood

Great movie(s)–Grumpy (Grumpier) Old Men

Trilogy–Lord of the Rings

TrilogyX2–Star Wars

Mini-series–Lonesome Dove

Dumbass Movie–it’s close–Blazing Saddles, Joe Dirt, Animal House, Tommy Boy  & occasionaly, The Jerk.

Vacation spot–Costa Rica

Restaurant–If you have read this before now, then you know dang good & well it is Cooper’s in Llano.


Team–Oklahoma State University

Pizza–Papa John’s

Animal–not a goat

Best goat that I ever saw–Chance Greenroyd’s grand wether at Tulsa in 2009–Chance won all 3 divisions on the 2nd day of Tulsa & it wasn’t close which one was the best one.  That was a bad ass animal.   

Pastime–cold ones, good people, telling stories, good animals, and bad decisions that lead to more good stories.

Friends–There are the friends that will bail you out of jail and then there are those that are sitting next to you in jail going, “Damn, that was fun.”

Album–Def Leppard–Hysteria

car–’69 camaro SS or a 2009 GMC 4wd pickup that runs like a striped ass ape.  


Clothing–camo cargo shorts, shirt optional

Form of Gambling–stock show animals  (although I really like going to a track to watch the ponies run)

Thing I can’t have–No, it is NOT Beyonce or piles of cash, but more simple than that–MILK!  I love a glass of ice cold Milk, Ice Cream, milk shakes and a big pan of cocoa puffs soaked in, you guessed it……MILK!!   But nNOOOOo!  Somewhere, along the way, I became lactose intolerant.  But every now & then, I have to be like a nike ad and just do it.  Drink a half gallon of the good stuff.  Then, 30 minutes later, intense gut pains and then crawl to the bathroom to violate some piece of porcelain.  Then the pain subsides and I think that I won’t do that again for a while.  But, like a crack addict, you know that I’m going to hit it again.