I have had enough wind to last me for the rest of this year.  If you have a nice day or two in this part of the world, you know that you are going to pay for it with several days of 30 mph + wind.  It just takes the energy right out of you.  With the wind yesterday and again today, it has put a halt to the fishing.  Duke and Dad tried it yesterday, but it was too windy for them to catch anything.  So I went fishing for wethers last night.  Caught a couple. 

     I hadn’t been on the breeder’s world forum in several months.  I actually thought that they had done away with it.  After a few minutes of reading random posts, I realized that I had enough of those tards.  Reading through that reminds me that there is not a shortage of dumb asses in this world.  I just thought most of them held public office.  Nope, there is a pile of them posting on message boards behind fake names.  

     The weather stations are calling for severe weather tonight.  They know it is going to do something, they just don’t know when or where.  Hopefully, there isn’t anything too damaging.

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