End of an Era

     I don’t know how old she is.  I just know that Verlin came to Kelln Livestock in 2006.  She was several years old at that point.  She had been working in a goat dairy getting hand milked to provide milk for children that needed goat milk and/or milk for show pigs.  

      Kela and I needed a goat to take on some trips & quads in the spring of ’06.  Verlin was offered to us and she was a savior.  She raised those kids and then some more.  Next spring, she had a pair of wether kids.  Then the next year quad wethers.  That year of 2008, she raised those 4 kids plus 13 others.  She developed a bad attitude by Septemeber.  

     Now, in 2013, she raised her twin kids, but half of her udder was done.  She didn’t like helping anymore and she became very destructive.  She was fat and in excellent health.  But I hauled her off 

    However, she had a Rainman doe kid last year that will get bred in the very near future.  Plus she had a Rumour Has It doe kid this year that will go into production next spring.  

     Here’s to Verlin the dairy goat.