More than any other holiday, I feel that a huge percentage of our society has lost touch with the true meaning of Easter.  We have OVER-commercialized every holiday.  But Easter is at the top of the over-commercialized list.  Think about it–the cadbury cream egg, rabbits, colored chicks, Easter dresses and shirts, hunting Easter eggs, Easter egg baskets, chocolate rabbits, the Easter bunny, Easter meals, etc, etc, etc.  

      No matter your religious beliefs, this is my blog, so I don’t intend to offend anybody, but I really don’t care.   Easter is an important holiday in every Christian religion.  Actually, the most important.  Easter is all about faith.  The fact that JESUS died and rose again to fulfill the scriptures is what Easter is all about.  

     Having a Catholic upbringing, Easter as always been a special time for myself and my family.  Sure, we have done the egg hunts, big meals, gifts, etc.  More importantly, there is no doubt that all of our family members understand the true meaning of Easter.  My grandparents and now my parents make dang sure we remember.  I am thankful for that.  

      Now, let me tell you about my Easter weekend.  A rumour leaked on Saturday morning.  Olympic records were broken.  We had my brothers and their families to the Fargo paradise on Saturday evening.  And my parents showed up.  All was well.  Tammy, Duke and I went to Mass in Shattuck on Sunday morning.  They took me home and then went to Arnett to attend Easter services.  I have NO problems with Duke getting 2 times the religion on any given Sunday.  I am quite confident that he needs to build up all the goodwill that he possibly can obtain.  The Dragon Lady snapped a pic of my offspring and posted on facebook, which led to several “shit eating” grin comments that were texted to me.  We then met back at Shattuck for lunch.  Let me tell you a FACT!  My parents absolutely hit a home run with lunch.  Prime rib roast, green beans, twice baked taters, deviled eggs, fresh leaf lettuce salad with home-made buttermilk ranch dressing, frog-eye salad and a some other in-edible crap that I don’t eat.  Duke didn’t eat many veggies, but he did eat about 2 lbs of prime rib.  I had one glass of some kind of Spanish wine with my Uncle Jim.  I ate, then took a nap.  No egg hunts for this fat dog.  It was a really good family event.

     Speaking of Uncle Jim.  Several of you have met him.  Many of you of seen him at our place.  He is my mom’s oldest brother that lives in Fargo and also east of Fargo–this means he might be at one place or the other, at his schedule, nobody elses.  He basically does what he wants, when he wants as long as his dog “Mookie” is happy.  He very well might be the smartest person on the planet (not a Kelln opinion, as I have factual info to back it up).   He is WAY MORE opinionated than I am.  And you don’t have to ask for his thoughts.  Regardless of the conversation, opinion, thought, he can argue it.  He has a son and a daughter that live in California.  They are both older than I am.  They are Cali born and bred, but they have an attachment to this piece of paradise south of Fargo.  Kela spent this Easter sunday with my cousins south of LA.  And as a bonus, another cousin was also there.  I am glad that Kela can spend time with family.  Even if it isn’t Tammy, Duke and I.  

     I had a great Easter weekend.  I have a great family.  

     The best part of the commercialization of Easter—-Reese’s easter eggs.  And the next best part?  All of the Reese’s easter eggs will be greatly discounted in a week or two.