Dumb asses

This topic could lead me in a lot of different directions. However, the dumb asses that I am referring to are Duke’s show wethers. I don’t know if it is because we have a set of wethers that is stacked with 900 genetics, just plain inbred or if they are just dumb asses. I don’t normally like to help break wethers, but a couple of these are dang near impossible to deal with, especially for a 10 year old.

One of them, Bobo, has to have a plastic chain on him at all times. If you use a halter or spike chain, he automatically chokes himself down. He won’t walk unless you are constantly tapping him on the side. He is a mouth breather who holds his tongue out when he is stressed, which keeps him from breathing. He bites down on his tongue when you brace him; therefore, making him a “tongue biter”. I know people that are as stupid as Bobo, the difference is that Bobo was castrated.

Squatch won’t walk with his head up and he tries to lunge on the brace. Waterboy just sulls up and sucks air in until he is bloated like a toad. He humps up on the brace and he tries to walk sideways on the move. Spasm, well, his name fits. Torque won’t walk, chokes himself down on the stand, but he does run and he does brace. Five goats, five different showmanship techniques–one ten year old that does have a touch of ADD and one old fart dad with very little patience. He works hard, but the wheels can fall off if he sees a rabbit or a bird or a cloud that resembles a deer. Somehow, we are making it through this and beginning to make progess. Probably, because after he works with the first 5 special needs wethers, he then gets out his favorite– Little Stevie Peaches. This wether is easy to catch, likes to walk, will setup and will brace. He also runs hard. Plus, he was the cheap one. He might not win a show, but he is the best one in the kid’s mind. Sometimes, that is all that matters.

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