Duke’s Up

We got the wethers sheared and photoed yesterday. There will be three Joe Dirt kids, three kids sired by Freak On A Leash. There will also be 1 Ralph Shafer wether, 1 Ann Shafer wether, 1 Gallagher wether (which was the reserve grand at the State Fair) and one paint wether from Mike Kelly. We are offering some of these because we just have too many for a 10 year old to take care of properly. Plus, he wants pigs for Phoenix. The paint wether is sired by Blindside. He is way good. The Gallagher wether is sired by Monkey and is absolutely huge topped. Five hundred dollars won’t get those two bought. The wether from Ann Shafer is sired by 191 and is going to be shown at Tulsa. The sale will not be on the 10th like advertised, it will be later in the week, probably on the 13th.

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