Dominant genes are a basic part of animal breeding.  Polled vs. horned, Red vs. black.  stress positive vs negative.  On and on.  Here’s what’s got me thinking about dominant vs recessive genes.  Black headed goats.  

     I had a set of triplets born this evening that are all black headed.  Momma is a Freak On A Leash on a Starbuck.  She was the only black headed Freak On A Leash that we had.  Grandma was supposedly the first Starbuck ever born at Kelly’s.  She was a part of the bottle baby doe kid adventure that Mikey Thompson and I dealt with several years ago.  Mikey’s daughter named this doe “Blizzard”.  I don’t know why. Black headed goat–Blizzard.  Yeah, it all makes sense.  Anyways, Blizzard was bred to Freak On A Leash.  She had twin doe kids.  One was red headed and the other was black headed.  I kept the black headed one and we call her “Blizz”.  Blizz is black headed like her mother.  

     The first time Blizz had kids, she had twin Black headed doe kids sired by Joe Dirt.  Those are the only black headed Joe Dirt offspring that I know about.  2nd time she kidded–single doe kid sired by Rainman–traditional colored.  This time–triplet Black headed kids sired by Rainman.  And these are the only black headed Rainman kids that I know of.  And I have bred Dirt and Rainman to other direct Starbuck daughters with NO black heads.  As I said earlier, Blizz is a Starbuck granddaughter.  I’m having trouble working this Punnet square.  It just doesn’t seem to fit.

     And to answer your next question…Yes, I do have a black headed Rumour Has It offspring that is out of a Starbuck daughter.  That would be the black headed quad that has three blonde headed brothers.  Yeah, the good night at a strip club quads.  Now, the Punnet square of that mating shows that the black head is recessive.  But some of these others don’t.  No matter what, I don’t care if they are white, black, blonde, red, paint, baldy or whatever as long as they are good.  Way good.  

     I have seen a pic of some Big Willy offspring and yes, they are black headed.