Does (as in “Does anybody else get as frustrated with Does like I do?”)

     It is a well-known fact that I despise dealing with does.  I like cows, liked a few sows, dealt with some hens that were decent, ewes–nope, they hatch more sheep, so I am OUT!  But does?  I would rather slam my head in a sliding glass door than deal with mature does.  I say/write this and get replies like “I love my does.  You should be nicer to them and they will love you back.”  BS.  

     This statement means that you have 2 does or have too much time on your hands and they are spoiled.  If you have more than 10 does, then those does are a PITA.  That would be Pain In The Donkey.  

Does.  They will wear down a fence.  Destroy gates.  Bash shed walls.  Crap in their own feed and water.  Will go through a gate if you don’t want them to and will NOT go through a gate if you want them to.  

      They won’t rub on a gate unless it is un-latched.  How do you know where they rub?  They will rub the galvanization or paint off a panel, plus there will be a track where they rub with shedded hair on the ground everywhere that they rub.  They won’t touch a gate unless you walk through it and think to yourself, “They won’t push on this one.”  So you leave it unlatched and then SOAB!! That worthless C?n$ is out!

     I could make a goat operation cash-flow if it wasn’t for the does.  Bucks.  Keep them seperated.  Growing goats.  Tight pen with plenty of feed.  Wethers–sell them to good feeders.  Doe kids–cash them in.  Does. They destroy everything, crap on everything, waste hay, take up space,  and make my life miserable.  

     There is only one positive to a doe goat.  You can’t make good wethers without them.  Thus, the reason that I have does around here.  As soon as they figure out how to put goat embyos in something other than a doe goat, well, I’m in.  Unless it is a ewe, then I am way out.  Put them in a chicken egg and we’ll incubate them and HATCH them.