Does & other goat ropings

     Sometimes, the good Lord has a way of making things happen.  No miracles here.  Just real life.  I’ve been counting on a set of does to kid any day and drop a pile of buck kids.  But, as everybody knows, I don’t like does.  Guess what?  I’ve got piles of doe kids out of my best wether producing does.  What does this mean?

     Well, if I have any brains at all, I’m going to be keeping a bunch of doe kids this year.  Especially, considering their mommas.  What’s the saying, when life gives you lemons…..  I like lemonade.  It just isn’t what I would normally order.  Sometimes, you need a change of pace.


      So, while we were at OYE, we had a goat roping.  No I’m not bashing a judge or anything like that.  We literally had a goat roping.  Bree Taylor was walking one of her wethers outside, on the street that runs in between the cattle/goat barns and the hog barns.  She was just airing this goat out.  There was a bunch of ne’er do wells sitting on the street curb with their lariats.  These derelict, mental midget, smart ass, mouth breathing little fatherless children decided to heel her wether.  I didn’t see it, but witnesses tell us that they literally stetched the goat.  She was upset.  

     When I found out about it, I kind of shot out of the barn, into the street like a missile aiming for a pile of crayon munching retards.  I do remember seeing Big Bill and Brooke talking to these morons.  But, I didn’t care.  One of the kids admitted to the sin.  However, another couldn’t keep his mouth shut.  I told him where to go and he left.  

     As I walked back across the street, I heard the mouthy, future politician say “Nobody talks to me like that.  I don’t have to take that from that old son-of-‘female dog'”.  I stopped, turned towards the sound of him wasting oxygen, made eye contact, noticed that he was real tough in the middle of his fan club and I then walked right into the middle of his harem.  He did take a worse talking to and he wasn’t as tough or cool as he thought he was. He left.  

     There are numerous amazing things with this encounter.  1–These dip-shit kids were mouthy when Big Bill was standing over them.  2–They were dumb enough to be at the world’s largest stock show roping show animals.  3–I didn’t have to go to jail.  

     Now, my question, why in the hell were these kids allowed to sit there and rope passer-bys? What happens if they hurt an animal?  Kid?  etc.  Come on!! A little common sense please.  As it turns out, they had been sitting there roping people and animals for almost an hour.  Did anybody stop them?  Not until Bill and I got wind of it.  Several people thanked us for stopping them.  The first loop thrown should have caused somebody to make threats.  The first actual catch should have caused somebody to come uncorked.  Go practice your craft where it belongs.  Not at a stock show with kids that have a pile of money and countless hours tied up in their animals.  Ag teachers, parents, whoever, tell the kids (even if they are 17 or 18) to leave their ropes at home.  It isn’t the time or place.  

     Kind of like taking your dog to the show.  No need.  Leave it at home.  

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