Doe Hate part 2

     A fine example of why I hate does happened this morning.  Duke and I gathered all of the does into the corral right after daybreak.  We sorted them into two groups.  One to stay in the pasture and another group to be penned next to Rumour.  Once sorted, the pasture does were turned back into the pasture with Fade2Black.  The other does were put into a trap with 11 wire barb wire and 1 electric wire between them and the does in the pasture.  The only non-electric part is the gate–a 12 ‘ pipe gate with a 4×4 panel attached to it.  Literally 10 minutes after sorting these does, one doe is on one side of the gate and another on the other side, just beating the hell out of it trying to smash heads.  They had been in the same pasture together for the past 4 months.  Now, within minutes they are fighting through the fence, tearing up gates and panels.  Those two are going to the Perry sale barn TOMORROW.  They have both raised either OYE or Enid premium sale wethers, but I can’t take this crap.  They are gone and there will be about 8 of their buddies with them.  Some bred.  

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