I’m the fattest that I have ever been.  I have weighed around 188 for the past 20 + years.  Since, Thanksgiving I have blossomed to about 195 to 197.  I don’t have to hold my breath to button my jeans, but they are nearing maximum capacity.  

     What has caused this?  My regular diet was not a healthful one before nor since.  My habits have not gotten any worse, maybe even better.  I didn’t have a regular exercise program before and I still don’t.  Either age is catching up to me or maybe, it’s like all of these low T commercials on the radio.  I don’t think so.  

     The only thing that has changed in that time period is that I quit having a morning Mt. Dew–20 ounce on ice.  For over 2 months, no Mt. Dew.  It took a few days before I quit having to fight the urge.  I just didn’t go to the usual quick stops on my morning drive in order to fight the urge.  This past week, I drank a Dew and it didn’t taste like it used to.  

      Now, I’m wondering if the caffeine addiction kept my metabolism revved up.  

     Speaking of diets.  Monday night, the Dragon Lady wasn’t going to cook.  So, I took care of myself.  I made one of my favorite Usinger’s 1/4# steak dogs, with chili, pickles, cheese, mustard and tobasco.  It was GOOD!  About an hour later, I decided I needed something to top the evening off, so I got me a Schwan’s ice cream sandwich out of the freezer.  I let it sit until it got soft–this accentuates the flavor.  I ate it with Duke looking at my like “What are you doing?”  

     I have a well documented lactose intolerance problem.  So whenever, somebody sees me with ice cream, milk or large quantities of cheese, those that know me realize that there is going to be a problem.  Ask Staats.  It doesn’t bother me as bad as it used to as long as I space things out and don’t eat dairy products on an empty stomach.  Well, this ice cream sandwich did NOT go into an empty stomach.  This lactose loaded fuse went right on top of that 1/4# dog, chili, cheese, pickles, tobasco and mustard.  Twenty minutes later, Duke was mad at me and complaining to his mom.  I went to bed and well, I got the whole room to myself that night.  

     The goats all have hay, shelter and have all had a good drink.  They are living better than a lot of people during this winter spell that we are having.  

     If you have never tried any of Usinger’s lunch meats, sausages and CAB dogs, then you are missing out.  Have a good evening and a better tomorrow.