I’ve got the late January and Febuary born wethers out of Joe Dirt here at the house.  There is a really good set.  I’ve got to take 4 or 5 to a sale the first of May, which leaves 5 or 6 to sell.  The decision is whether to sell them private treaty or have an online sale with only 5 or 6 wethers in the sale.   Time wise, I would just as soon sell them right now and be done.  Monetarily, they would bring more in an online auction.

     One of the kids is a Joe Dirt on a Rainman daughter.  I haven’t banded this one yet, which brings me to the next decision.  If you like one with a big, square hip, deep twist, heavy boned, thin hided, cocky headed with a square rack and big loin then he would make a killer good buck prospect, but he would also be pretty fun to show.  He is good.  I’ve got a day or two to decide.  

     There wasn’t many decisions to be made this past weekend.  It was windy…again.  So we didn’t wet a line.  A lot of trees got trimmed with surgical precision using the loader on the tractor.