Day of Rest?

     I know that Sunday is supposed to be the sabbath–a day of rest.  Well, it didn’t happen around here.  I made it to Mass, then back home.  I used the man lift, once again,  and climbed back on top of the machine shed.  The sky light is now fixed.  And there is blood stains on the roof to prove it.  At least the stains are not on the ground.  

     The Johnny and John patrol called to inform that I had escapees.  WHAT?!!  How the heck did goats get out?  Whew.  No goats.  Dad’s cows.  Caught them.  Shut the gate.  Then had a family from east of here showed up to look at wethers.  Then another group.  Then another.  

     It wasn’t a 100 degrees today, but it felt HOT!  Maybe I’m old, fat or old and fat.  No matter.  It wasn’t fun outside. 

      Big Bill and Bree came to help me work some wethers.  Then, we decided that it was hot, we were sick of flies and needed some AC.  So, we drove county roads checking sand plum thickets for ripe plums.  Close.  But not quite.  The prospects of jelly and a special drink that could only be described as a nectar look good.  

      Then Duke and Tammy got home.  We headed north of town to load alfalfa small square bales.  Tammy drove, Duke and I loaded.  Good team.  

     Then, another crew came to pick up a wether.  I like talking to the Powell family.  Frank is frank.  Janell is well behaved.  Rhylli is going to be famous.  And she loaded a killer good wether.  While they were here, I received several texts reminding me of a Champions Choice conference call.  I finally figured that deal out and caught part of it.  Then did chores and headed inside to a Dragon Lady cooked supper.  Way good day.  

      Now, I’m just sitting here scrolling through facebook and I see Heath Nelson’s post.  And I quote,  “To anyone who thinks sports are over rated and meaningless, they say there is over 800 million people watching the World Cup final. I don’t think Jesus Christ could hold a press conference that would garner 800 million live viewers. People love sports, doesn’t matter what sport, it’s just one thing that connects us all as human beings.”


     I agree and disagree.  I agree that sports do connect people.  I believe that stock shows, music and other events tie people to a common thread.  I disagree in the sense, that I BELIEVE that WAY over 800 miliion people would tune into a JESUS press conference.  Here’s a list for ya on why.  

1–It would have to be well publicized.  2–The promos would have to be non-denominational.  3–Most would be tuning in to see what the hub-ub on facebook and twitter was all about.  4–There might be more NON-Christians tuning in to see WTH than actual believers.  And 5–I guarantee you that if ESPN could promo it as a soccer event during Super Bowl week and there might be a steroid scandal tied to the world series MVP who also happened to date Johnny Manziel and that Lebron James was going to buy a dog in Santa Fe during March Madness, well then, it would dang sure garner well over 800 million viewers.  

    Actually, now that I think about it.  I agree.  There would NOT be 800 million viewers that were viewing for the RIGHT reasons.  But, I would like to watch that press conference.  I know what I believe and I know what I want my kids to believe.  Other than that, I have little or no control.  Good post, Heath.  Made me stop and think for a minute.  We’ll have to finish this discussion at Charlie’s next time you are south.  Or as Duke likes to remind me, “What about those pheasant hunts up north?”  

      Here’s to jewelry, and those that wear it, that has horseshoes and shamrocks on it.  I have seen pics that they make stuff like this.  I hope all of you feel as lucky as I do.