Irish proverb

     “A good laugh and a long sleep are the two best cures for anything.”

I don’t get too many long sleeps, but I get as many laughs in as I possibly can fit in a day.  If you can’t do something and have fun, then why do it?

Pretty impressive online semen sale tonight.  Now, breeders just have to use the right AI technician to utilize this stuff.  Then they need to have the right doe to make these genetics click.  Then, there just needs to be luck involved.  The goat world may not see if these deals work for a year or so.  It may even take a breeder till next year to get things synced, the calendar right, the moons aligned and well, once again, a butt-load of luck before they even try to utilize this stuff.  

      The way I figure, it will need to be a German/Irish proverb to make it work because once the long sleep and good laugh didn’t work, it will probably take a good drink to heal up.

     I really like this industry.  There is a pile of un-tapped future.  Hats off to the breeders that offered genetics.  Tip of the cap to all who bid.  Good luck to all.  And If you see me walking with a limp in weeks to come, well, there ain’t nobody that can say that I was afraid to back it up.  RUSM?!  I could buy 191 & Showtime genetics?  Done.  Too bad there wasn’t guns’n’roses, mozart or 900.  That would have made life interesting. I have a small herd.  I like good animals.  We’ll see what doe gets what.  If it doesn’t work; well, we will wish it would have.  


p.s. I feel like I need to go buy a lottery ticket on this fine evening.  I cracked the porch door just as Sasha blew up and went to chasing a skunk from the car-port.  I closed the door, thinking that the skunk would spray.  I grabbed a gun with a light mounted to it and asked Duke if he wanted to go get the skunk.  He immediately said, “Yes”.  Nanook, the great hunter, headed out, but came home without a skunk pelt.  Better yet, the skunk did NOT spray when Sasha chased her.  LUCKY!!