How do the same people always end up being in the hunt to win shows, make sales, etc? Is it money? Genetics? Feeding program? Showmanship? Luck?

How about all of the above. In order to be in the sales at statewide shows, year in and year out, requires a program.

It takes work studying genetics. Just because you bought a goat from a big name breeder doesn’t mean that you bought a good one.

It does take money, but there are a lot of $500 wethers that make sales. Well spent money is the best kind. If you spend your time studying genetics, judge tendencies, and are willing to spend time going to multiple herds/ sales, then you can find bargains. You also need an imagination in order to project the current animal, the genetics and the results of proper feeding, exercising and showmanship.

It takes work properly feeding a wether. It takes work properly managing a wether. Cold temps/ hot temps. Clean water. When to shear. Faciltiies are important, but the right person can feed a wether in any condition and be successful.

A lot of people go to any given sale and spend their whole cash roll on a given goat. But they don’t spend the time and effort to properly feed and show that animal. That is why they get their donkey’s kicked when it matters. Because somebody else bought the best goat for their budget, fed it properly, exercised properly and showed it properly.

Most wether goats are mis-managed. Meaning that they weren’t fed properly, weren’t kept warm, were stressed at show times or WORSE not shown properly.


In the end, the harder you work, the luckier you get. Start to finish–the consistent winners out work everybody else.


Buy the right goat to fit your budget, feed it right, manage it right and show it right. The rest will take care of itself.

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