I never thought that I would miss the usual tv commercials.  You know Flo from progressive, the Geico lizard, Farmers insurance, all of Aaron Rodgers and Peyton Manning various ads and the mutliple different ads for erectile dysfunction.  But, I would rather watch those commercials than these hillary, Trump and all of these state question ads.  Election season has to be profitable for tv, radio and magazine ad sales.   Lots of dollars spent on these political statements.  

I find it interesting that all of the insurance commercials tell us why we should buy their products/services.  The Geico lizard doesn’t run negative ads against Flo.  Peyton Manning promotes Papa John’s pizza.  He doesn’t tell us to NOT eat Pizza Hut or Domino’s pizza.  On the other hand, not one of hillary’s ads tell us what she can actually do if elected.  They just tell why we shouldn’t vote for Trump.  It all comes to a close, Tuesday night.  Thank GOD that it is about over.  And GOD willing, hopefully it is the end of listening to her and the rest of your current president’s lack of info.