Coming early

      Got a set of natural bred does that are due starting this Thursday.  One of them decided to go several days early and had kids on Monday afternoon.  I normally don’t llike to lose a baby, but this time it might have worked out for the best.  The mother actually had triplets.  One was an under-developed still born still in the sack.  Another was a fully developed doe kid that just didn’t make it.  Which leaves a buck kid, alive and ready to go.  I was questioning one side of this doe’s udder.  Sure enough, it was bad.  So, it is actually a good thing that she only has one kid to raise.  And at least it is a buck kid.  

      Keep fresh water out for those show goats.  Give those wethers some grass hay a couple of times a week.  Keep salt and mineral available.  And keep those show goats warm.  Layers and layers of blankets.