Clothing optional

     That time of year is finally here.  The time to go shirtless.  Camo shorts, cap, shoes, maybe socks.  This becomes my attire after 6 pm on weekdays and most weekend days during the warm months.  I can soak up some sun, let the ever increasing waist line hang out and show off my legs that make a lot of birds feel confident about their own legs.

     The shorts have to have lots of pockets.  Places to hold banders, syringes, vaccines, pliers, empty koozie, whatever I need to manage these lovely goats.  Speaking of banders, I banded a set last night.  Two of them still have nuts.  I’m going to watch them a day or two longer.  Might even get a 2nd opinion.  

    Well, I just realized that it is May 15.  It is anniversary day and I remembered without anybody telling me.  Now, I just need to remember to tell the Dragon Lady–Happy Anniversary.

Have a good day.