Clean Up

      Like a great Whitesnake song, “Here I go again”.   Duke and I are in the process of cleaning the Shattuck Ag Building.  Three semi loads of junk metal are hauled off.  One dumpster of trash out of the greenhouse.  Three more dumpsters out of the classroom and shop.  20 out of 28 bulbs in the shop have been replaced and are now working.  30 of the 32 bulbs in the classroom have been replaced and are working.  The classroom has been painted and the floors redone.  The old computers are chunked (part of a dumpster load).  New computers are ordered.  Now, that we have shed some light, we can really see the cleaning that needs to be done.  But, we can’t find any brooms in the shop.  Hhmm!?  Haven’t found any horseshoes or shamrocks in all of this crap.  But there is one heckuva crop of sandburs growing on the west side of the building.  Now that we are rid of all the junk metal, we can get a mower in there.        On a goat note, Rumour was busy last night.  He has gotten kind of cantankerous lately.  He should be in a better mood.  Amazing how that works out, regardless of species.  If things go as planned, should be plenty of December born babies in 2014.