Circling….like a flush

     Yes, we had a flush today.  I traveled to Schneberger’s. It was good.  The flushes….not so good.  

       But it was still good.  I took two older, proven does.  You know, the kind that should be flushed.  Sure, they are 8 years old.  I got a bit of a lecture during the first flush, that it is a waste of time to flush a doe older than 5 years of age.  Okay.  But she flushed back in June.  So, whatever.  Then, we rolled the next doe into position.  They started on her and it didn’t look good.  But, then they counted embryos and there was 17.  How many were freezable you ask?  All 17.  How old was this doe?  One week older than the first one.  Which is further proof that this flushing business is NOT an exact science.  

      Then we started dealing with recips.  I didn’t program enough.  But Schneberger had programmed a pile.  But then, we realized quickly that almost 1/2 of the recips had regressed.  So, we both froze a pile of embryos.  Nobody has an explanation for a recip regressing.  It happens.  

       Now, let me tell you about the rest of the flush.  There was a PILE of help.  Chris McGolden brought a crew of ag boys on field trip.  They were great help.  Kory (call me Cody) Dietz and a buddy of his from Redlands were professional help.  They judged every donor, recip and then, Jared’s keeper kids.  We even had sheep royalty as Jen Meyer and Kamden Urban were there taking care of business.  Jen made a dash to get more liquid nitrogen for us to freeze embryos.  This was an ACTUAL OFFICIAL ag event as Mr. Ag Youth himself was there to monitor the activities.  Yes, Mr. Larry Peck was present to document, direct and tell us derelicts (Jared and myself) what needed to happen.  Several of Jared’s co-workers came to help.  They worked like they knew what they were doing.  And they didn’t.  But they knew more than me.  I love good work ethic.  The whole crew was great.  

       Mr. Schneberger had LOTS of GREAT help.  The flushes weren’t a trainwreck.  I appreciate all the help, the opportunity to write another check and the good times.  Of course, it would have been fun to have Addison and her two brothers there to provide commentary.  Thanks to all.